Why Consider Can Lights?

Rose Construction is renovating two bathrooms and building an addition for our client in Bellingham’s Whatcom Falls neighborhood. Recently the clients decided to change their existing kitchen lighting to can lights as well as add can lights to the addition. Here is a shot of some of the addition’s lighting taken just after the electricians left:

Can Lights

Why should you consider can lights? Can lighting is much less expensive than many other types of lighting. It takes the hassle out of coordinating lighting types and fixtures between rooms. However, most people choose can lighting because it is unobtrusive. If you want the room, furniture or artwork to be the focal point, can lighting won’t compete but will rather fade out of sight. Keep in mind that, because the cans are recessed into your ceiling, they don’t provide as much light as a more exposed fixture.

So, to review, can lighting is a great option if you would like an unobtrusive, consistent and affordable lighting type.

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