One of our clients is interested in Forbo Mormoleum (in the color Donkey Island… how fun is that?!). We’ve installed it before and it’s truly a fun and interesting product:


If you’re considering a resiliant floor, this is a great option. Some people initially dislike that Marmoleum is linoleum simply because they’ve seen so many bad examples of other linoleum products. However, Marmoleum is a great quality product that happens to be eco-friendly and anti-static (resulting in less dust and dirt). It is available in sheets, tiles and even with inlaid designs (check out their inspiration galleries!). Considered a 40 year floor, it is a great option for families with children or even people who just happen to stomp a lot (just teasing…).  So, if you’re in the market for some resiliant flooring, consider Marmoleum. And if you’re searching that market, chances are you’ve already heard of it.

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