Eclectic Kitchen Designs

I love that word, eclectic; for our purposes it means to select parts and pieces of style and design from various eras, and put it all together in such a way that e it all works.  There are no rules, except that the designer or homeowner should make it all fit together!  Some people are really good at this, others need assistance, but whether you do it yourself or hire a good contractor to work through it with you doesn’t matter.  After all, it is the final result that is important, not how you got there.

Eclectic Kitchen Design

Eclectic Kitchen Design

This photograph shows a fascinating combination of styles.  Shaker style white painted cabinets mated with a high ceiling covered with tongue and groove planking and crown molding around the edges. The countertops are a cultured marble type.  It all works and looks great together.

We have remodeled a kitchen that while not as elegant as this one, is very nice in its own right.  It is very similar in that our kitchen project included what appears to be the very same countertop material and pattern, and the cabinets are very similar. Check it out for yourself:

Another Eclectic Kitchen

Another Eclectic Kitchen

Here is another website that blends modern and old-fashioned styles.  It is a bit eccentric, but that is what makes the world go around – a variety of tastes, likes and dislikes!  Check it out, its nothing if not interesting!

C’iest la vie!


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