Why plan ahead for your remodel?

Hah!  That is so obvious, why bother discussing it?  Everyone who knows anything knows that something that complicated demands detailed plans.  Ummmmm . . . that is where the problem lies.  One persons plan is another persons chicken scratches on a dinner napkin. 

Beautifully planned kitchen

Beautifully planned kitchen

A blog coming to us from Portland, Oregon, portlandtradesmen.com discuses how much planning is needed and why.  Some products take an unseemly long time to be fabricated, and that may be on the other side of the continent. They then need to be shipped to the construction site. Some plumbing fixtures can take 4 – 6 weeks to arrive, and they are not constructing them, they just are not in a local warehouse. 

Your contractor will be able to call local reps and suppliers and find all this information for you.  The timing of arrival of cabinets, fixtures, etc, has to be carefully orchestrated so the contractor does not lose money waiting for items to arrive, and things have to be installed in a certain order.  You don’t want the new hardwood flooring installed before the walls are painted. 

Beautifully planned bath remodel

Beautifully planned bath remodel

Electrical outlets and plumbing fixtures all have to be located and installed in the correct order to avoid any damage.

So, plan on planning ahead!  Then proceed with your remodel, knowing that even the best plans still need adjusting as you go along.


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