Barbecuing is hard work!

Or is it?  Check out these incredible outdoor kitchens, complete with gas barbecues, sinks, and all the trimmings to make outdoor cooking a snap.

This photo shows a gorgeous outdoor kitchen we built for a local homeowner recently.  

Outdoor kitchen

Outdoor kitchen

Outdoor kitchen - showing the fireplace!
Outdoor kitchen – showing the fireplace!

The second photo shows the same outdoor kitchen, looking in the other direction.  This is really outdoor living in the Pacific Northwest.  Note the necessary cover, as we can’t count on very many days of sunshine.  The roof covering made of a clear material allows sunlight to come through and yet keeps everyone dry, no matter what the weather conditions!

Here is a more traditional deck, designed with interesting shapes and a very nice built in bench.

Deck shown from above
Deck shown from above
Six sided raised area with beautiful built in seating area
Deck close up

A beautiful deck to relax on and enjoy the backyard!


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