You need to know why you have to remodel now!

There are 10 reasons, given by the Home Builders Association of one of our states – Alabama! I’ve listed the short version of each reason given by the HBA of Alabama, with my comments in parentheses following, when I had a personal opinion on these.

  1. Remodel now while interest rates are low.
  2. Homes need regular maintenance and repair to stay in top condition. (Don’t I know that one!)
  3. Remodeling improves home value. (Can’t argue with that!)
  4. Modernizing makes your home more beautiful. (I have a home built in 1978 – they seem to have loved dark green and dark brown tones – depressing; and ugly lighting fixtures with a lot of 150 watt bulbs.  I think if they had just gone with a lighter color scheme they wouldn’t have needed all those high wattage lamps.  Before I replaced the stairway light I had to put on my sunglasses just to walk downstairs to the front door.)
  5. Energy-efficient homes save owners money. (True, also see the above comment.)
  6. Attractive exteriors improve the curb appeal of you home. (I agree totally)
  7. Outdoor living spaces expand your home for entertaining. (Think barbecue, martinis – or beer – on the deck with friends.) 

    The kitchen/ barbecue

    The kitchen/ barbecue

  8. Kitchen remodels enhance functionality. (Use the link, if you haven’t already and read the expanded information on this topic in the article.)
  9. Bathroom remodels improve comfort and add home value.
  10. Aging-in-place or universal design remodels increase home accessibility.

    Outdoor kitchen
    Outdoor kitchen we designed



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