Kitchen backsplashes

I hadn’t thought too much about backsplashes until recently.  They seem to be a small part of an overall kitchen remodel, and yet the more I thought about it, they are one of the small details that can add a great deal to the kitchen.

Sometimes it’s the little things that set off a room as well designed and well built, with quality materials.  The backsplash in one of our recent kitchen remodels struck me as visually appealing and complementing the rest of the kitchen with beautiful tile in an unusual arrangement.

Tile backsplash

Tile backsplash

The backsplash in this kitchen is continued around the corner and behind the stove. 

Jeb/Design Build blog, out of California, has a nice collection of photos showing many of ways backsplashes can be designed and installed. Colors and patterns are endless, limited only by your imagination and your tastes!

One of the striking backsplashes from Jebs blog

One of the striking backsplashes from Jebs blog


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  1. Hi,

    This is great! I would also like to take some guidance/inputs whats the best to make for my rem ideas..

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