Fireplace mantel inspiration

Fireplace mantels – “Creating a striking fireplace mantel adds focus to rooms and value to your customers homes.”  Well, that is obviously written for the contractor, not the homeowner.  The Remodel website article on this topic has several fireplace mantel photos to provide ideas for you.

I recall the home my grandparents had north of Seattle on 185th street, between Aurora Avenue and Meridian.  The living room had a large stone fireplace with a mantel made of the same stone.  Maybe that is why to this day I love a home with a big fireplace and a mantel in the living room.

The Remodeling website has a very nice article on fireplace mantels, with photos for your inspiration.

Spectacular fireplace mantel

Spectacular fireplace mantel

The following photo was found by me, on the internet. I think it is the most detailed, complex mantel I have seen! 

Detailed, elegant fireplace

Detailed, elegant fireplace

Rather old-fashioned, but definitely imposing!


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