So . . . do you like your laundry room?

This is a room that is often overlooked when homeowners consider remodeling projects. After all, does any visitor ever see this room? Probably not! 

Laundry room - no windows!

Laundry room - no windows!

However, who spends more time here than they would like? Whether the woman of the house, or the man of the house (I suspect it would be the woman . . . ), appearance, convenience and efficiency are high on the list of desired improvements for this space.

The photo above shows a very large laundry room, which provides enough space to build in lots of cabinets and shelves. 

Small, efficient laundry room

Small, efficient laundry room

This photo shows a much smaller space efficiently laid out. The full size washer and dryer are stacked to save room, you can see an excellent row of cabinets and cupboards to the right. The primary color is white, which brightens up a small room which does not have a window.

So, re-think that laundry room. It’s not fun to do laundry duty, so make the room as pleasant and efficient as possible!


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