Are you ready for barbecue season?

Maybe you need to refurbish you deck, or maybe it is time to completely tear it out and build new. Check out some decks Rose Construction, Inc. built:

Spectacular outdoor kitchen with fireplaceSpectacular outdoor kitchen with fireplace

This one of my favorites! You will notice that it has a wonderful roof, with skylights. In the Pacific Northwest you can never assume a day will be rain-free; roofs are a must for planning ahead for a barbecue. Here is the kitchen area of this outdoor recreation room:

Eating bar with cooking equipment in background

Eating bar with cooking equipment in background

Here is another of my favs, built high to take advantage of the view over the tops of the trees:

Beautiful deck with view!

Beautiful deck with view!


Just one more, to get you dreaming about that deck you’re going to have built:

Another kind of deck

Deck with wonderful bench to enjoy the backyard from!


That’s it for now – get started planning your deck. There are as many different kinds and configurations of decks as there are people who want one!



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