Great luxury bath fixtures!

Cool new bath fixtures:

Very stylish bath tub

Kohler's answer to the question "Can I put a hot tub inside my house?"

This is like a neat combination of the hot tub and a bathtub! Kohlers website states:

“The deep bathing wells allow users to sit almost totally immersed in water. Available in a soaking model and a bubble massage bath, the tubs are designed for two bathers.”

Here is another great idea to increase the size of your tub and still in a standard alcove:

Expanse curved bath

Expanse curved bath


Kohler has another great idea with this bath!

Another favorite luxury item in the master bath is a steam shower. So amazingly relaxing, especially in the winter months when everywhere you go it’s so cold out!

Steam shower

Steam shower


Kohler’s newly designed steam generator kits feature a steam head that protracts from the wall when heating and retracts when not in use for a clean appearance.

Go to Kohlers website for more information and for even more great bath products.


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