2 responses to “Should you be concerned about lead in paint?

  1. Due to some false negatives and false positives yielded by some kits during accuracy tests by the EPA, the agency recognizes only two DIY lead paint test kits that are available to home owners.

  2. Bill J

    Most of the contractors I talk to around the Luzerne County area of Pennsylvania say that the city and the state officials don’t enforce the RRP rules so who cares what the EPA wants. They tell me they’re not going to shell out thousands of dollars to get certified just to be compliant with this nonsense. Most agree that it’s just a waste of time and hard earned money with todays economy the way it is for both them and the home owner. I have even been told by one contractor that even a local city inspector told him it’s a waste money, we don’t enforce it! So my question to you is; should I even be worried about getting certified if the local and state officials don’t even enforce the RRP rule? And, can the EPA really fine a small business that much money?

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