Be creative when re-designing your kitchen

Step outside the box and be creative with your kitchen remodel. Kohler has an interesting sink, with matching backsplash tiles.

Clay_Tones undercounter kitchen sink

Clay_Tones undercounter kitchen sink


The faucet is “Revival” shown on the Kohler website. I like the comments I will copy below, from Kohlers article’s “Finding your unique vision” advice on how to design your kitchen (or your new home!).

You can’t ignore the volumes of inspiration that are published in shelter magazines, catalogs and on the Internet. Earmark your favorites and save them for help with style decisions.

“Fragola says that during her kitchen remodel she relied heavily on a “foot-and-a-half stack of dog-eared magazines.” These inspirations helped her and her husband Joe convey their vision to their architect.

“We took in as much design info as we could and then figured out what resonated for us,” Fragola explains.

“Starting on your dream kitchen is guaranteed to be both exciting and challenging. Enjoy finding your muse, that personal starting point that will let your unique style shine through.”

Striking solid surface countertop
Striking solid surface countertop

This is a beautiful countertop we installed for a client recently. The colors and textures are a great centerpiece for the kitchen.



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