Great new products for remodelers and new construction

Cree's award wining LED bulb
Cree’s award wining LED bulb

We often get asked what is the best type of lighting. Everyone knows incandescents are on their way out – but what is the best replacement?  It depends somewhat on what you want from a light fixture – do you need it to turn on immediately? A great new bulb from Cree, the CR6 LED downlight is more efficient than a comparable compact flourescent bulb, turns on to full brightness immediately and contains no mercury. 

Another great product for aging-in-place bath remodels is the Elevance, a walk-in bath with features that make it a pleasure to use. It has an extra-wide door opening to make entry for wheel-chair uses easier; the sliding wall moves with less than 5 lbs of force; a stylish grab bar is part of the tub; an inflatable seal keeps the water inside, and sensors keep the door from opening when the tub has water in it.

Kohler's practical and stylish walk-in tub
Kohler’s practical and stylish walk-in tub
Then get to work on planning your next kitchen or bath remodel.



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