Bamboo flooring

Bamboo has been recommended as an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional wood flooring. It grows far faster than trees and so can be harvested far more frequently than the 40 year span most trees require to mature.

Natural Strandwoven Bamboo Floors

I especially like the textured, darker coloring  of the Carbonized Strand Woven Bamboo:

Cabonized Strand Woven Bamboo by Yanchi


 Here is a close up of the darker bamboo flooring:

Close up of Carbonized Bamboo flooring

Close up of Carbonized Bamboo flooring

 Build Direct  is the website where this information can be found in greater detail, and with more selections of colors to choose from for bamboo flooring.

Why consider bamboo flooring? Here are some great reasons, borrowed from Build Direct:

“Bamboo flooring is a highly durable flooring choice for any location subjected to extensive usage and can stand up very well to the abrasion caused by children and pets. It is tough enough to resist the impact of falling objects in the kitchen as well as in high traffic areas such as the living rooms and hallways.”

“Bamboo flooring provides a warm environment through its natural growth patterns. While many solid wood flooring materials create beautiful floors, some flooring contractors and homeowners seek a unique look that offers the type of look that could be described as “outside the box”. But, they also need a type of flooring that still adds a level of coziness to an interior. Bamboo flooring gives your room a homey touch, providing comfort and warmth with a really good flooring finish.”


Environmentally friendly:
“Bamboo flooring is one of the most environmentally friendly wood flooring options, because it is made from a highly renewable source. It is actually a grass that re-grows after it is strictly monitored and harvested. Bamboo does not require any chemicals for its cleaning and maintenance.”


“Bamboo flooring is available in two colors. One is a natural blond color that shows the unique growth patterns that matches every décor. The other color is a rich amber color, a stunning darker shade achieved by a boiling process that carbonizes the starches found naturally in the bamboo. It is therefore called carbonized bamboo.”


Cutting edge:
“Bamboo flooring is among the newest flooring options to appear on the market in the recent years. It is widely preferred by many and is highly appreciated by those who install it. Bamboo flooring provides a unique style to your home or office with a beautiful appearance all of its own.”

There you are!


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