Kitchen Remodel Ideas

Yes, I borrowed the title of this posting from They have lots of photos and suggestions for the hard-to-design kitchen or bath. If adding or moving windows and walls are not in your budget, then re-designs can be problematic. You need creativity and flexibility to make the perfect kitchen or bath.

Another Example of A Kitchen that You Can Live In

Kitchen incorporated into living room


This photo is borrowed from The open layout allows a busy homeowner to prepare a meal while helping the kids with their homework. Versatile!

Rustic Kitchen Design with innovative tile decorations

Kitchen backsplash tile


While opening up that kitchen, don’t forget the small touches that make such a difference – tiled backsplashes in warm colors and interesting patterns are one of these “little things”.


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  1. John

    I did some research on Kitchen Remodel Ideas and this site really helped alot.
    thanks guys

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