Traditional and modern bath, you can have both! has a great article on bathtubs, although I enjoyed the descriptions of each item in this traditional style bathroom. This bathroom features a reclaimed wood cabinet base for the lav, topped with countertop sinks.

This tub is similar to the one on Ebuild wouldn’t let me “borrow” their photo! Go to the website for ebuild and click on the featured items to get the exact model and manufacturer. This is a very nice traditional bath, with modern touches.

Now what does the word “Victorian” mean to you? Traditional, solid, well-made. victorian bath

“MTI Whirlpools. The French Trilogy bathtubs capture the feeling of the French Victorian era, but are made of modern high-gloss Lucite cast acrylic. The Parisian, Versailles, and Normandy each incorporate a traditional style with a rolled lip, softly curved backrest, and a rectangular base.” – Building Products Magazine, from article by Jenna Lee.

Now here is a bath for you! Kind of resembles an egg: 

BainUltra. The freestanding Essencia bathtub features a clean-cut, streamlined oval shape to help promote harmony, relaxation, and peacefulness. The product is part of the company’s ThermoMasseur collection, which is designed to provide comfort during hydro-thermo massages. The bathtub measures 72 inches by 36 inches by 27 inches and is available in white.

Tub built just for relaxing.

Tub built just for relaxing

So, the variety in tubs is amazing. Decide what works for you and plan that bath remodel!


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