Enjoying your deck in the winter

Snowy deck

Build Direct has an excellent article on how to enjoy your deck throughout winter.

Marissa Alan lists 4 areas you can concentrate on to protect and use patios, decks and general outdoor living spaces.

Wood burning heaters, gas fire pits or electric patio heaters provide lots of heat to make sitting outdoors comfortable and enjoyable.

Provide heavy-duty covers for your grills and any water features, as well as outdoor furniture. Water proof is best, and be sure to cover before any snowfall.

Movable plants might do better brought inside, if they are too large, wrap them with an insulated material like burlap, to keep the soil warmer and prevent the planter from freezing.

Lighting is a must with shorter days – in our area it is dark by 4:30! Outdoor lighting provides security as well – motion sensors or lights that come on at dusk work well for security purposes.

Sitting around a firepit with friends and family can be lots of fun on a winter evening, so prep that deck for winter use and enjoy!


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  1. Hi,

    This is great! I would also like to take some guidance/inputs whats the best to make for my rem ideas..

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