Home Remodeling New Year’s Resolution

What is that, you say?

What is there about your house that you KNOW needs updating or replacing with something that looks good and works!

Do you have pets? What about that doggy door that you bought from  . . . wherever. Now is the time to have a custom-made door that actually fits the opening, looks good and operates easily.

Custom gate

Archer® lavatory faucet

ADA compliant lav faucet from Kohler

How about the small details that are annoying, but after time has gone by, you no longer see the chips and cracks? Bathroom lav faucets are one: 

This faucet is ADA compliant, but is stylish and easy for anyone to use. The higher than normal outlet is a plus. The design combines beveled edges and curved bases for a style to fit any bathroom.

Antique style kitchen handles

What about Kitchen or bath knobs and pulls: Whether your style is sleek and modern, or antique and ornate, new knobs and pulls can do wonders for a cabinet.

Sleek, chrome pulls on a recently completed kitchen remodel

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