What is the best material for your bath flooring?

This homeowner really liked the look of white, glass tiles!

There are a great many options for flooring, most of them OK, but some are better than others, based on cost, comfort and appropriateness for a wet environment.

I came across an excellent article in CASE Handyman & Remodeling that compares pros and cons of 7 bathroom flooring types. I’ll list them here, and you can go to the website to get full details.

Tile (ceramic and glass): Durable, inexpensive and water resistant. They can be slippery, pick a tile that has a textured surface.

Stone: Also durable, water resistant and beautiful. To avoid slipping when wet, look for the textured stone. This material is the most expensive.

Vinyl: Comes in sheets or tiles, lots of colors and patterns. Very inexpensive. Beware of tiles, as moisture can get between them.

Laminate: Made of layrs of resin-impregnated paper and compressed wood chips. Can be printed to look like stone, slate, wood or whatever.

Hardwood: Must be treated with layers of polyurethane. Engineered wood is lower maintenance.

Bamboo: Durable and attractive, mold resistant. Is susceptible to damage if heavy objects are dropped on it. (What heavy objects do you carry around in the bathroom?)

Cork: Soft and warm feel. Repels water and is naturally mold resistant. Again, don’t drop heavy things on it. (How much does your hair dryer weigh, anyway?)

Warm colors, tile flooring

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