Do you have a home built in the 1900’s to 1940’s?

Built in 1940 in Seattle

Jeb Design/ Build blog has a great article on this topic. For a home of this vintage, there can be many things that could be upgraded, if it has been put off. Jeb has some practical suggestions for where to start.

  1. Add insulation in walls and attic
  2. Replace clay pipes (waste pipe may be clay)
  3. Prop up a sagging roof
  4. Update the windows – they may be single pane! Save some energy costs here.
  5. Update the electricity
  6. Inspect the ductwork
  7. Fix/ or replace plumbing fixtures
  8. Check for termites (or carpenter ants, while you’re  under there)

I recommend that you go to the Jeb Design Build blog to get the full story on the suggested upgrades to your older home.

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