Sprucing up for the holidays!


Are you concerned about the state of your kitchen and/or bath, with all those relatives coming for the holidays? Well, we all know (or strongly suspect) that at this late date there is not time to do any major remodeling, but is there anything that can be done to spruce things up? Perhaps some cosmetic work that will cover up the problems for the visitors?

Yes, we can do that! Small jobs can be fitted into our schedule to help you put on a great display for the holidays. Later, if you desire, more in-depth work can be done to make that kitchen more efficient and pleasant to work in.

In the short term, grab bars can be added to steady infirm relatives and in-laws in the guest bath; faucets can be replaced and new mirrors and bath accessories can be installed to spruce up that room. Fresh paint in a guest bedroom can do wonders, as can replacing damage and worn-out trim.

A new light fixture for the front porch can greatly improve appearances, as well as adding to safety if the old lighting fixture is not working as it should.

Let us know if we can help!



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