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Bellingham bath remodels

In Bellingham, homeowners are upgrading their bathrooms! Check out what can be done to enhance your bath:

Floating vanities: Have your contractor build the vanity on the wall; this leaves open space at the bottom, giving the room a more airy feel. This works especially well if your bathroom has a nook that the vanity can be built into, attaching the ends to the side walls.

Adding tile accents to the wall above the vanity, or to the entire wall, will add glamour and style.

There is nothing more luxurious than in-floor heating! This can be accomplished with electric in-floor or hydronic system. Just imagine walking into the bathroom early in the morning, and feeling warm tile under your feet!

Frameless glass showers are undeniably luxurious. While you are having the glass shower doors re-done, why not make it universally accessible by having your contractor install the shower pan without an edge or lip? Not only does this add a spa-like quality to your master bath, but aging family members will appreciate it!

What about seating in the bath? Whether you want a spot to sit down and towel off or a place to lean back and relax for a few moments, a cushioned chair or ottoman ups the comfort level of any bath.

Most of us enjoy some music while in relaxing in the shower or soaking tub. Include a shelf for your mp3 player (have your contractor install an electrical outlet there), or go for a state-of-the art sound system for your master bath.

Heated towel bars provide you with warm towels for after your shower; this idea is almost as wonderful as a heated floor!

Don’t forget a seat in the shower. Tile a bench to match the rest of the shower; or add a bench made of a contrasting material like teak or glass. While you are having that done, include a steam feature or multiple shower heads.

Storage! Storage can be attractive and plentiful, if you have enough square feet. For smaller bathrooms, creative solutions can be found. Installing shelving in a wall; utilizing any nooks for shelving or cabinets. Beautiful custom cabinets will upgrade your bathroom and provide practical storage solutions.

Adding skylights or sun tunnels will brighten up a dark bath. Strategically located lights are important also!


Skylight, custom cabinets, glass shower

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What is Important in Bathroom Remodeling

  1. Be aware there is a possibility that water damage could be uncovered when flooring or walls are removed; it is a common problem in bathrooms. Be prepared for this possibility and have contingency budget for this. If your contractors don’t encounter any water damage, consider it a bonus!
  2. If you have the room, consider putting the toilet in its own little room – sometimes a wall can be added without moving the toilet plumbing, which is a nice budget saver. Hiding the toilet makes the bathroom more usable and is fast becoming “the way” to design a new bathroom.
  3. Select appropriate surfaces for a room that, let’s face it, encounters a great deal of moisture. The right surface is easy to clean, does not absorb moisture and is mildew resistant. Porcelain tiles are popular; granite, quartz and engineered solid surface materials make excellent countertops and backsplashes.
  4. How often do you use the bath tub? Most people find they are mostly shower-people. If that is you, splurging on the biggest shower you can comfortably fit into your bathroom will be something to enjoy for years to come. A 4 by 6 foot shower with tiled walls and frameless glass door will give the bathroom a luxurious feel.
  5. Have water saving fixtures installed; these have been engineered to provide the same feel and usability as the old water wasting fixtures.
  6. Be sure to provide enough light and ventilation. Damp, moist bathrooms need efficient, (and quiet) exhaust fans.
  7. Working from a set of detailed plans helps ensure workers stay efficient, the homeowner stays informed and the new work blends with pre-existing features. Toilets, for example, by code have to have a certain minimum clearance around them; having a good set of plans makes certain this space is there!
  8. It helps if you have another bathroom while the bath remodel is being done, but if you don’t, maybe you should add one first!
  9. Finally, be sure to hire skilled, experienced workers to build your project. Check references, licenses and insurance. Then go for it!

A tiled shower, frameless glass door and hand shower compliment this bath remodel.

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Stunning shower doors

Frameless shower doors installed by Rose Construction

Frameless shower doors provide a clean, modern look and open up the master bath.  has a great article giving the reader 12 reasons to consider installing them in your next bath remodel.

  1. To keep the space open and airy.
  2. Balance between traditional and modern
  3. Contrast modern and rustic
  4. Show off tile work
  5. Make a small room feel larger
  6. Natural light shines through it!
  7. Maximize the view
  8. Can provide an elegant look
  9. By it’s nature, it is minimalist by design
  10. The simplicity provides a sense of calm
  11. If your windows face a natural setting, a frameless glass shower wall connects with the outside.

Go to and find the 12th reason to include frameless glass shower doors and walls. There are 12 gorgeous showers shown in the article. Get some great ideas for your frameless shower doors!

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What do you want in a bathroom?

Well, besides everything working properly and no dripping faucets, that is.  Just kidding. Some research has shown that today’s bathrooms are trending toward larger, airy showers with hinged glass doors, like a spa. 

one of our recently completed bath remodels

Roomy shower with glass walls and tile

Another trend in showers is to turn it into a steam shower, or to build a seperate steam room, with features required for steam rooms such as a sloped ceiling to drain condensation, a floor drain, tile or marble on all surfaces and a vapor-tight door, and insulated walls all around.

Beautiful glass walled corner shower

Beautiful glass walled corner shower

Jacuzzi tubs are being replaced with soaking tubs, for a quiet, serene bath experience.

Last but certainly not least, is a good quality, quiet exhaust fan powerful enough to pull the moisture out so those mirrors and glass surfaces clear quickly. Automatic fans with humidity sensors are a great feature.

Radiant heated floors and heated towel bars are requested more often.

Stone tile flooring has more warmth to it than glazed tile.

For more information about remodeling your bathroom, including ordering a free workbook, visit the National Kitchen and Bath Association.

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Bath remodel featuring Schon free standing tub

Contemporary free standing tub from Schon

Contemporary free standing tub from Schon

This contemporary tub with wood framed legs distinguishes this master bath.  Tub filler is the Kohler Symbol Roman tub filler, with handshower in polished chrome.

Shower tile detail

Shower tile and fixtures detail

The shower tile has 3 soft grey tile strips for contrast.  Kohler symbol valve trim with slidebar, handshower, hose and wall outlet in polished chrome provide a great shower experience.

Clear glass shower surround opens up the space and shows off the shower tile.

Glass shower surround

Glass shower surround


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Bathroom makeovers

bathroom makeover

Bathroom makeover shown on Better Homes & Gardens

This bathroom remodel replaced a typical tub/shower combo with a glass shower. A new marble-topped lav was installed with open storage below. This bath is a now an elegant small bath!

The next photo shows a brightly lit bath that was lightened by utilizing a glass shower surround, allowing sunlight to filter through.

bathroom remodel

Shower enclosure of clear and frosted glass to add privacy and elegance

Going to the Better Homes and Gardens link will allow you to see the “Before” pictures for these bathrooms, as well as many others. Check it out to get ideas for your own project!

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