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No home is perfect until you remodel it!

resized kitchen photo1

Rose Construction Inc, Kitchen remodel for Bellingham homeowner

So what is a perfect home? The basics are that every system is functioning just as it should, with minimal maintenance and everything up to code. There should be electrical outlets where you need them; plumbing working properly and heating (and cooling if desired) should keep the house at just the right temperature. The roof will be doing its job to keep the rain out; the kitchen, bath and laundry room exhaust fans should be efficient and quiet. All structural elements should be doing their thing; no sagging joists, roof beams or decking. Proper lighting is where it’s needed and the flooring is just the way you like it . .  I could go on, but you get the picture.

Is there really any house that meets all these criteria? Probably not, unless of course, you have just remodeled yours! Even if it is a new or nearly new home you just moved into, probably someone else picked much of the flooring, countertops, cabinets and bath fixtures. In the case of a home, perfection is in the eye of the owner!

Every home has something that could be “tweaked” to fit the tastes and lifestyle of the current owner, to make the home work more efficiently for them. Some older homes could really benefit from upgrading and even moving a wall or two and adding on!

Spaces that really do not age well are the bath and kitchen. Everything from outdated styles to fixtures and cabinets that have worn out over time and much use should be replaced when that time comes. Part of the need for renovating these rooms is their heavy use, and the accompanying irritation that must be endured when the space does not perform as needed.

Consider a toilet or shower that drips constantly, or a kitchen faucet that unpredictably sprays the water out sideways! Then there is that kitchen cabinet door that just won’t stay shut. These problems are getting to be serious, as the leaking fixtures can cost the homeowner a lot of money over a year.

There is another class of problems that while they do not cost money, since they do not affect utility bills, still can be serious issues. Some of these are cabinets that are worn out or depressingly dark; kitchen tile that is cracked and just cannot be cleaned properly any longer; old enameled kitchen sinks that have developed cracks over their lifetime. Again, there are a myriad of these issues that can be addressed when remodeling your home. They can be tacked one or two at a time, spreading the cost out over several years, if desired.

resized bath shower

Bath remodel we did recently for a Bellingham resident, showing beautiful tile workmanship and glass shower doors


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What do homeowners want in a home?

Corian countertop, drawers, cabinets and bar make this island a great addition to the kitchen.

Kitchen island created for a recent client

In our kitchen and bath remodels, we have found that when clients come to us for remodeling, they are often looking for just the amenities listed below – either to add them, or to update what they have. Sometimes adding onto the house is required to make room for the desired options, or even moving walls! But, oftentimes, a kitchen or bathroom can be re-arranged to fit in the changes; every house is unique.

Kitchen remodel, bathroom remodel, home additions or buying new – what features do purchasers want in a home? The following data is from (Professional Builder, August 2012, What Buyers want in a New Home.)

  • Kitchen spaces – A kitchen island and walk-in pantry are on the top desired amenities of a list of 13 kitchen spaces.
  • Key bathroom spaces – Dual vanities/lavatories in the master bath and a tub/shower combo in the secondary bathroom filled the top two desired amenities out of field of 12 possible options for bath remodels.
  • Key living spaces – Whoa! This category listed 25 possible options, and the to 3 were found to be a walk in closet in the master bedroom, a great room (kitchen/living/dining), and high ceilings (9 feet or higher on the first floor).
  • Key outdoor spaces – Here again, survey takers were given a generous list of 20 options, with the to contenders found to be an oversized garage with room for storage, a two car garage, and a three car garage. Hmmm . . . not sure how that works out.

So, summarizing, dual vanities/lavatories in the master bathroom were ranked by builders as the most important bathroom amenity to their buyers. A kitchen island was ranked by respondents as the most highly desired kitchen amenity among buyers, followed closely by a walk in pantry, and breakfast nook. By far, respondents ranked walk-in closets as the top living area amenity among their buyers, followed by a great room, high ceilings and energy-efficient features.

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What are the most frequently remodeled rooms in homes?

Solid surface countertops and custom cabinets!

The kitchen and bathroom, of course! Naylor’s Kitchen and Bath points out that “Kitchens continue to maintain their long-standing status as one of the two most frequently remodeled rooms in the house; the other is  . . .  the bathroom.  They are known as “the rooms that sell the house”.  tch

The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) has a great article on “Selecting and Designing a Home Remodeling Project. The first two rooms they discuss are the kitchen and the bathroom, of course. I’ll give you a teaser to encourage you to go and read the rest of the article:

No resource on home remodeling would be complete without a discussion of the most talked about room in the house–your kitchen. You may want to replace aging cabinetry, modernize appliances, update the style of your kitchen, or improve the floor plan for better flow. Today’s home remodelers are experts in creating efficient kitchen layouts.”
Following a remodel, home owners can enjoy a spacious and more lavish bathroom. Possible bathroom elements include modern cabinets, multiple vanities, and differently shaped showers.”
They review all the rooms in the house, so reading the article is very beneficial. NAHB is dedicated to educating the public and contractors on good business practises and how to ensure your remodel project is done well.

Cute little custom attic bath

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Do you need home design inspiration?

I know when I am thinking about how to remodel my master bath, I search out all the design bathroom sites I can find. It’s not that I don’t know what I want, but there are many choices to make and I want the best costs, the best materials, and the best contractors.

I’m sure that is true for just about everyone. Today I spotted a great tub, absolutely unique, to me at least! It’s a work of art – worthy of a sculptor!

Picture yourself in this beautifully sculpted tub! has an amazing collection of inspiring bathtubs, lavs and sinks to consider for your bathroom remodel. They are as much works of art as they are practical plumbing fixtures.

Of course, if your tastes go more toward classic or traditional, that works too!  I like to see what is out there in the world of fixtures and then of course go for what fits both my tastes and my budget.

corner bathroom cabinets

Nice custom bath cabinets!


The following comments are excerpted from the website that the photos are borrowed from,

Bathroom cabinets store all your toiletries out of site. With the various different manufacturers around today you can have just what your bathroom needs. The general rule of thumb is to fit loads of bathroom storage if you have a big bathroom and if you have a small bathroom, don’t try to cram too many cabinets in! When remodeling the master bathroom, you might purchase a built-in vanity, cabinet and sink, with a separate medicine cabinet. 

So, be inspired and get going on your remodel. Don’t forget a good contractor!

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Kitchen Remodel Ideas

Yes, I borrowed the title of this posting from They have lots of photos and suggestions for the hard-to-design kitchen or bath. If adding or moving windows and walls are not in your budget, then re-designs can be problematic. You need creativity and flexibility to make the perfect kitchen or bath.

Another Example of A Kitchen that You Can Live In

Kitchen incorporated into living room


This photo is borrowed from The open layout allows a busy homeowner to prepare a meal while helping the kids with their homework. Versatile!

Rustic Kitchen Design with innovative tile decorations

Kitchen backsplash tile


While opening up that kitchen, don’t forget the small touches that make such a difference – tiled backsplashes in warm colors and interesting patterns are one of these “little things”.


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Great new products for remodelers and new construction

Cree's award wining LED bulb
Cree’s award wining LED bulb

We often get asked what is the best type of lighting. Everyone knows incandescents are on their way out – but what is the best replacement?  It depends somewhat on what you want from a light fixture – do you need it to turn on immediately? A great new bulb from Cree, the CR6 LED downlight is more efficient than a comparable compact flourescent bulb, turns on to full brightness immediately and contains no mercury. 

Another great product for aging-in-place bath remodels is the Elevance, a walk-in bath with features that make it a pleasure to use. It has an extra-wide door opening to make entry for wheel-chair uses easier; the sliding wall moves with less than 5 lbs of force; a stylish grab bar is part of the tub; an inflatable seal keeps the water inside, and sensors keep the door from opening when the tub has water in it.

Kohler's practical and stylish walk-in tub
Kohler’s practical and stylish walk-in tub
Then get to work on planning your next kitchen or bath remodel.



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Aging-in-place home remodeling

The NAHB has a comprehensive article outlining aging-in-place issues. It is titled “Aging-in-place checklists for home remodeling”.

The sections are:

  • Exterior
  • Overall floor plan
  • Hallways
  • Entry
  • Thresholds
  • Interior doors
  • Windows
  • Garage or Carport
  • Faucets

Kitchen and Laundry:

  • Counters
  • Appliances
  • Miscellaneous
  • Bathroom
  • Stairways, lifts and elevators
  • Ramps
  • Storage
  • Electrical, lighting, safety and security
  • Flooring
  • Heating ventilation and air conditioning
  • Energy efficient features
  • Reduced maintenance/ convenience features
  • Other ideas

I greatly recommend this article; as you can see from the list of topics outlined above, it is very comprehensive. I am sure it covers any questions you may have if you are considering this type of remodel for yourself or your parents.

Disabled Handicapped Elderly Woman in Nursing Home With Walker

Elderly with walker

At Rose Construction, Inc., we have DyLon McClary, our General Manager trained and certified as an Aging-in-place (CAPS) specialist.

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What is important in a kitchen or bath remodel now?

Housing has a great article that lists what is important in today’s tight economy when it comes to remodeling your kitchen or bath:

1. Color

2. Tactile appeal through textures – “Lines, colors, and patterns can act as either a point of interest in a given space or a mellow background to a more prominent component.” 

3. Fully utilize glass – “Lighted panels of Mica art glass incorporated into the design of the volcanic stainless steel hood, the window in the door, and a glass tiled backsplash shining from behind granite countertops act as pops of color and light against the warmth of wood.” 

4. Freestanding and angled tubs.

5. Esspresso and chocolate colors in cabinetry – “Natural finishes—absent glazing, distressing, and overall pomp and circumstance—are now found in many kitchen designs, as simple chocolate browns act as the smooth and understated partner to brighter accents.”

 6. Grand scale walk in pantries (my personal fav).

Walk in pantry - can you imagine this off your kitchen?

Walk in pantry - can you imagine this off your kitchen?


7.  Detailed ceilings.

8. Use of natural elements.

9. A tiered approach to proportion – “The concept of stacked components and graduated overlapping heights was brought to a new level of sophistication in this urban kitchen. Varying heights of the island surfaces, the elevated and overlapping dining countertop, and the statuesque pantry cabinet create asymmetrical proportion

Creative, clean, modern look
Creative, clean, modern look

10. Incorporate inlaid flooring.

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What do you want in your house?

No, not what “stuff” do you want to fill your house with; what do you want in kitchen cabinets, counter tops, flooring, wall coverings, sinks, faucets, and lighting fixtures.  That sort of thing!

Remodeled master bath

Remodeled master bath

 Is your homes interior designed the way you want it now?

If not, you need a house makeover; start with either the kitchen or the master bath. Those are the most used rooms in the house and get the best value for cost of remodel, not to mention the mood lift you will gain from having a well designed and well crafted make over for your favorite room!

Kitchen remodel

Kitchen remodel

Think about what you want in your home, research quality home remodelers and then go for it!

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Include decorative tile in your kitchen or bath design

Most of us are aware of how much difference adding the right tile to a bath remodel can make.  But when it comes to kitchens, tile seems to take a back seat to the cabinets and appliances.

Kitchen tile
White kitchen tile with distinctive colorful strip


The use of warm colors and diamond shaped tiles add a nice touch to this cozy kitchen.

diamond shaped kitchen dectorative tile

diamond shaped kitchen decorative tile

One more example of what decorative tile can do for your kitchen design

verticle strips of gold toned tile

Creative use of contrasting tile stripsKitchen tile

 So start checking out tile patterns for your kitchen!

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