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Is it worth it to remodel?

Of course! Here is a list of the top home renovations that pay off, from an article by that name.

  • Wood window replacement
  • Vinyl window replacement
  • Minor kitchen remodel
  • Foam backed vinyl siding
  • Wood deck
  • Fiber cement siding

The siding renovations would not add as much to the resale value of the house as a well layed out kitchen with up-to-date countertops, sink and fixtures.

Remodeled Kitchen

Remodeled Kitchen

Or how about updating that bathroom? A nice tiled shower, new flooring and lav, cabinets and lighting would draw anyone.

Fully remodeled bath

Fully remodeled bath

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Can you handle a kitchen remodel?

I like the advice in this article called “How to renovate a kitchen“.

“Unlike any other home remodeling project, kitchen renovation encompasses so many things–from the raw to the sublime, from the picayune to the important–that it can easily overwhelm even the most determined homeowner.”

“On the other hand, a fine kitchen remodel instantly raises the value of your home, provides you with a more effective cooking space, and makes you the envy of all of your friends. So, before beginning this tough-but-rewarding project, ask yourself:”

  • What are my needs and desires?
  • Is it worth putting myself through this? I.E. – work crews in you kitchen for extended periods.
  • Deep-down renovation or surface level?
  • Can I reduce the cost of remodeling?

Then the article discusses the design layout of the kitchen – the basic shape:

  • One wall design
  • Corridor design
  • L shape design
  • Double L shape design (what is that ?!)
  • The U shape design.

Check out the article and then get started! Here’s some inspiration for you:

Beautiful Kitchen Remodel

Beautiful Kitchen Remodel

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What could possibly make you want to spend more time in your kitchen?

Light colored cabinets and glass fronted doors Light cabinets and glass doors open and brighten kitchen



Kitchen ideas
Could your kitchen look like this?

Well, how about if this was your kitchen?  Evaluating your kitchen, its square footage and layout is a start on the path to an awesome kitchen!

kitchen cabinets groton ma contemp 0007-1 pollard kim.jpg

I could spend extra time cooking in this kitchen

This photo is from a website full of kitchen design ideas, A Dream Kitchen, of course!

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Custom cabinets make the kitchen

Kitchen cabinets nook

Kitchen cabinets nook

What makes a great kitchen? The cabinets make the biggest visual impact when walking into a kitchen; add to that, the convenience and efficiency of the kitchen is highly dependant on the cabinets.

There is a great blog and website from a kitchen designer’s website located in Texas.  They provide excellent insight and advice on kitchen design and kitchen cabinets.

Probably most people start cabinet selection with the color – what fits their personality, style and the home itself. Once the style of cabinets and the color is settled, the layout of cabinets and details of special cabinets such as lazy susan cabinets for corners, pull-out drawers for recycling containers, and many, many more options.

More kitchen cabinets

Beautiful custom kitchen cabinets

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Be sure to attend the great Whatcom County Home and Garden show!

Kitchen cabinets

Kitchen cabinets

Along with several other home remodelers we will be showing off some of our wonderful home remodel projects from 2010.  These include some great kitchens, bathrooms and decks! 

Kitchen with exhaust fan

Kitchen with exhaust fan

Check out the Whatcom County Home & Garden Show at the Building Association of Whatcom county website.  We will sharing the Master Remodelers booth with other members of the local Master Remodelers Association.

There will be lots of remodeling ideas shown at the many booths inside at the Northwest Washington Fairgrounds in Lynden.  The dates are March 4-6, 10:00 to 8:00 on Friday and Saturday, and 10:00 to 5:00 on Sunday.  For more information, go to the BIAWC website and click on the Home & Garden show icon.

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Do men or women initiate home remodeling projects?

My research is clear – women!  No matter what aspect of the home – purchasing a new home, do-it-yourself remodeling, or hiring a remodeling contractor, it is women who drive the market.

Consumer Affairs, way back in 2006 published an article titled “Women Driving Home Improvement Purchases”.  The article states:  “While men still dominate purchasing of tools and power equipment, women account for more than half of the sales of storage/organization products and almost half of the sales of lighting, paint, kitchen/bath, lawn/garden, flooring, and safety.”

“In fact, women represent 44 percent of “do-it-yourselfers” and 51 percent of people that usually hire professionals for home improvement projects.”

“It’s important to acknowledge the impact women continue to make in the home improvement industry,” says Mark Delaney, director of The NPD Group. He adds, “Now that a growing number of manufacturers and retailers have focused more marketing efforts on women, they are capitalizing on this growing trend.”


You can read more here:

So, what do women want in a home remodel?  Since many tasks centered around the home still fall to women, projects that make kitchens and laundries more convenient and efficient. For instance, in a kitchen remodel women want a kitchen that is organized, well-equipped, comfortable, open and family oriented.

What about that unfinished basement?  “Women don’t want a cave – we want a retreat for relaxation or a fun space to socialize with family/friends”, says Deanna Fox of The Fox Groupe. Barbara Tabak of Decorating Den Interiors puts it simply “(Women) want a sanctuary to retreat to at the end of a hectic day.”

The recurring theme for all of the women was relaxation. When I asked for a better name than ‘women cave’ (hey, it sounded clever at the time…), words that came up were sanctuary, haven, retreat… words implying peace and quiet more than the place an animal lives. Alicia Miller of Rock Commercial Real Estate puts it perfectly: “we want a place to get away from all the everyday busyness of life and just be ourselves.”

The comments are from:

So there you are.  Go for it.


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Will you be at the Whatcom County Homeshow?

Rose Construction Inc will be showing off some of our recent remodel projects at the Whatcom County Home & Garden Show.  The Master Remodeler’s booth will be hosting our company and several other local remodeling firms.  The Show will be held at the Northwest Washington Fair and Events Center on March 4 – 6.  Check out the website at the above link.

Some of our kitchen, bath & outdoor projects featured will be:

Kitchen Countertops

Kitchen CountertopsBeautiful deck and rail work.Outdoor kitchen

Outdoor kitchen
Outdoor kitchen

Beautiful deck
Beautiful deck

You’ll have to come to the show to see our bath remodel photos, and more shots of the outdoor kitchen and deck projects!

See you there!

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Why plan ahead for your remodel?

Hah!  That is so obvious, why bother discussing it?  Everyone who knows anything knows that something that complicated demands detailed plans.  Ummmmm . . . that is where the problem lies.  One persons plan is another persons chicken scratches on a dinner napkin. 

Beautifully planned kitchen

Beautifully planned kitchen

A blog coming to us from Portland, Oregon, discuses how much planning is needed and why.  Some products take an unseemly long time to be fabricated, and that may be on the other side of the continent. They then need to be shipped to the construction site. Some plumbing fixtures can take 4 – 6 weeks to arrive, and they are not constructing them, they just are not in a local warehouse. 

Your contractor will be able to call local reps and suppliers and find all this information for you.  The timing of arrival of cabinets, fixtures, etc, has to be carefully orchestrated so the contractor does not lose money waiting for items to arrive, and things have to be installed in a certain order.  You don’t want the new hardwood flooring installed before the walls are painted. 

Beautifully planned bath remodel

Beautifully planned bath remodel

Electrical outlets and plumbing fixtures all have to be located and installed in the correct order to avoid any damage.

So, plan on planning ahead!  Then proceed with your remodel, knowing that even the best plans still need adjusting as you go along.

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Alright! Back to the Basics – Getting the most from that small kitchen

So, as I have been wont to say, we do not all have the option to just snap our fingers and get the kitchen of our dreams.  Some of us have to make our dreams fit into the space and budget we have available.  No shame in that!

I found this excellent article from that discusses the best ways to get as much as possible out of that not-quite-big-enough kitchen.  Don’t live in quiet, barely controlled frustration – make that kitchen work for you.  Some of the suggestions made by the Home Remodeling blog are listed here.  The numbers and titles are from Home Remodeling.  The comments are mine!

1. Have someone assess the space that you have.  I love this idea.  When you have lived in a house for several years you may be focused too much on what you do not have.  A fresh set of eyes can look at that space and come up with some great ideas on how to fit most of what you want into it and make it look great.

Kitchen Design Ideas

Kitchen Design Ideas

2. Only settle essential things. This is a good one too – they emphasize simplicity over complexity.  Read it, it has some great ideas.

3. Mount you appliances on the walls.  This speaks for itself.  If that microwave is on the wall, its not on the counter, right?

4. Add hooks or railing on the walls.

5. Purchase a cart on wheels. Move it around, enough said.

6. Get rid of bulky things. Get rid of the clutter – stuff you don’t use but have a hard time getting rid of.  Take a deep breath and do it!

7. Make your oven multipurpose.  Recommends storing pots and pans in the oven; when you aren’t baking that is.

One of Rose Constructions Kitchen Remodels

A Rose Constructions Kitchen Remodel

Don’t forget; get an experts opinion and then get ready for your kitchen make-over.

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Tour of Remodeled Homes

Well, the TORH’s is over!  We had 85 visitors on Sunday!  Not sure of the count for Saturday, as I manned the front gate for our home project on Sunday.

Kitchen Remodel with custom moulding, granite countertop and tile backsplash

Kitchen Remodel with custom moulding, granite countertop

 It was great to see so many people who were really interested in seeing what can be done with home makeovers.  Families were out getting their heads full of ideas for their own remodeling projects! 

Here is a nice photo of the kitchen portion of the home remodel.  Check out the granite countertop with custom backsplash and the lighting feature surrounding the skylight.

This home also had the deck rebuilt by Rose Construction and had new Trex XLM decking with concealed fasteners installed along with railings that are stained cedar.

New deck with countertop and privacy screen

New deck with countertop and privacy screen

The photo of the deck shows one end of the deck with a countertop and privacy screen.  This is where they located the propane barbecue and do their outdoor cooking.

Out here in rainy Washington, we even had a rain-free day on Sunday, which I especially enjoyed as I was the official greeter, meaning I had my chair outside! 

All in all, it was a great day.  If you meant to go but missed it, come next year; you will get an eyefull and loads of great home remodeling ideas for bathrooms, kitchens, decks and every other room in the house!

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