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Love this article from Kohler on six of the hazards you want to avoid when remodeling your kitchen. Title: 6 Kitchen-Planning Myths. I’ll list the topics here, but go to Kohler to read the article!

Myth#1 :”I can add that easily at a later time.” ~ Maybe not! See what Kohler says.

Myth#2: “I’m not having any clutter in my new kitchen.” ~ Hmmm . . . just where will you put that bag of flour and that big jar of sugar? Out of sight hopefully . . .

Myth#3: “Bigger is always better.” ~ Maybe not. Read the comments.

Myth#4: “I don’t need a designer.” ~ Well, maybe not. But be sure before proceeding. Remodeling your kitchen is like squeezing the toothpaste out of the tube – once its done, you can’t put it back the way it was.

Myth#5: “Yes, it will fit.” ~ Maybe, maybe not!

Myth#6: “I want what she has.” ~ Not all houses are the same, nor are all tastes.


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Home Remodeling New Year’s Resolution

What is that, you say?

What is there about your house that you KNOW needs updating or replacing with something that looks good and works!

Do you have pets? What about that doggy door that you bought from  . . . wherever. Now is the time to have a custom-made door that actually fits the opening, looks good and operates easily.

Custom gate

Archer® lavatory faucet

ADA compliant lav faucet from Kohler

How about the small details that are annoying, but after time has gone by, you no longer see the chips and cracks? Bathroom lav faucets are one: 

This faucet is ADA compliant, but is stylish and easy for anyone to use. The higher than normal outlet is a plus. The design combines beveled edges and curved bases for a style to fit any bathroom.

Antique style kitchen handles

What about Kitchen or bath knobs and pulls: Whether your style is sleek and modern, or antique and ornate, new knobs and pulls can do wonders for a cabinet.

Sleek, chrome pulls on a recently completed kitchen remodel

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Home remodel projects – how to choose your project

I found a great article from www.renewaldesignbuild.com/blog/ that breaks down home remodeling into categories and discusses what you need to consider for each. Here are the titles of some of the articles:

  • Replacing windows and doors for big returns (energy savings, of course)
  • Wood flooring: Hardwoods, bamboo, cork
  • Bathroom tile trends
  • Preparing for a remodel (Always important to consider how you will get by without a kitchen for weeks)
  • Deciding on deck flooring

Well, you get the idea. Check them out, there are lots of articles with suggestions for you to consider before making the leap and hiring a contractor.

Here are a few photos of a kitchen we remodeled recently, with custom cherry cabinets and solid surface countertops.

Cupboards, tile backsplash and solid surface countertop


Cherry cabinets

So check out the article and narrow down your priorities for your home remodel – and get started!


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Kitchen Remodel Ideas

Yes, I borrowed the title of this posting from www.kitchenremodelideas.com. They have lots of photos and suggestions for the hard-to-design kitchen or bath. If adding or moving windows and walls are not in your budget, then re-designs can be problematic. You need creativity and flexibility to make the perfect kitchen or bath.

Another Example of A Kitchen that You Can Live In

Kitchen incorporated into living room


This photo is borrowed from www.kitchenrodelideas.com/latest-trends/live-in-kitchen/ The open layout allows a busy homeowner to prepare a meal while helping the kids with their homework. Versatile!

Rustic Kitchen Design with innovative tile decorations

Kitchen backsplash tile


While opening up that kitchen, don’t forget the small touches that make such a difference – tiled backsplashes in warm colors and interesting patterns are one of these “little things”.


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What would your ideal kitchen be?

Baby Blue Art Deco Kitchen designed by Will Waibel

Baby blue Art Deco kitchen

Kitchens.com has a collection of slideshows showing off unique kitchens, each very different from the others.  

“The designer decided on a playful style highlighted by the baby blue colored base cabinets and overhead beam. A mosaic tile backsplash captures both the kitchen’s blue hues as well the white color of the Caesarstone quartz countertops and custom cabinets. ”

rustic kitchen with tile
Rustic Kitchen with tile flooring

I love rustic motifs, so I’ve included one of kitchen.com’s rustic style kitchens. They have many more on their website, so I urge you to go there and stroll through the photos for ideas, if this is your style.

They have a great many styles, so even if rustic is not your thing, check them out for inspiration.



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Be creative when re-designing your kitchen

Step outside the box and be creative with your kitchen remodel. Kohler has an interesting sink, with matching backsplash tiles.

Clay_Tones undercounter kitchen sink

Clay_Tones undercounter kitchen sink


The faucet is “Revival” shown on the Kohler website. I like the comments I will copy below, from Kohlers article’s “Finding your unique vision” advice on how to design your kitchen (or your new home!).

You can’t ignore the volumes of inspiration that are published in shelter magazines, catalogs and on the Internet. Earmark your favorites and save them for help with style decisions.

“Fragola says that during her kitchen remodel she relied heavily on a “foot-and-a-half stack of dog-eared magazines.” These inspirations helped her and her husband Joe convey their vision to their architect.

“We took in as much design info as we could and then figured out what resonated for us,” Fragola explains.

“Starting on your dream kitchen is guaranteed to be both exciting and challenging. Enjoy finding your muse, that personal starting point that will let your unique style shine through.”

Striking solid surface countertop
Striking solid surface countertop

This is a beautiful countertop we installed for a client recently. The colors and textures are a great centerpiece for the kitchen.


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A beautiful kitchen remodel

This is a beautiful kitchen we completed recently, with cherry cabinets in shaker style and Shivikasi yellow granite countertops.

Corner cabinet with rotating shelves

Corner cabinet with rotating shelves

The corner cabinets have nifty rotating shelves to access as much of the corner space as possible.

Full height cabinets with pull out drawers.

Full height cabinets with pull out drawers.

There is wonderful storage capacity in the full height cabinets with very convenient pull out drawers behind the cabinet doors.

Think about your kitchen and what you would like to see there!

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What is important in a kitchen or bath remodel now?

Housing zone.com has a great article that lists what is important in today’s tight economy when it comes to remodeling your kitchen or bath:

1. Color

2. Tactile appeal through textures – “Lines, colors, and patterns can act as either a point of interest in a given space or a mellow background to a more prominent component.” 

3. Fully utilize glass – “Lighted panels of Mica art glass incorporated into the design of the volcanic stainless steel hood, the window in the door, and a glass tiled backsplash shining from behind granite countertops act as pops of color and light against the warmth of wood.” 

4. Freestanding and angled tubs.

5. Esspresso and chocolate colors in cabinetry – “Natural finishes—absent glazing, distressing, and overall pomp and circumstance—are now found in many kitchen designs, as simple chocolate browns act as the smooth and understated partner to brighter accents.”

 6. Grand scale walk in pantries (my personal fav).

Walk in pantry - can you imagine this off your kitchen?

Walk in pantry - can you imagine this off your kitchen?


7.  Detailed ceilings.

8. Use of natural elements.

9. A tiered approach to proportion – “The concept of stacked components and graduated overlapping heights was brought to a new level of sophistication in this urban kitchen. Varying heights of the island surfaces, the elevated and overlapping dining countertop, and the statuesque pantry cabinet create asymmetrical proportion

Creative, clean, modern look
Creative, clean, modern look

10. Incorporate inlaid flooring.

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Include decorative tile in your kitchen or bath design

Most of us are aware of how much difference adding the right tile to a bath remodel can make.  But when it comes to kitchens, tile seems to take a back seat to the cabinets and appliances.

Kitchen tile
White kitchen tile with distinctive colorful strip


The use of warm colors and diamond shaped tiles add a nice touch to this cozy kitchen.

diamond shaped kitchen dectorative tile

diamond shaped kitchen decorative tile

One more example of what decorative tile can do for your kitchen design

verticle strips of gold toned tile

Creative use of contrasting tile stripsKitchen tile

 So start checking out tile patterns for your kitchen!

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Award winning kitchen before and after photos

This is oue entry for the $30 – $60,000 category kitchen remodel that Rose Construction won a Whatcom County NAHB REX award for.  

Before Remodel

Before remodel

To achieve our client’s main objective to open up the space between the kitchen and dining areas, we completely remodeled this 1979 kitchen.  The new design included widening passageways and installing new white-oak flooring between the two areas, creating a more modern look and flow. 

Additionally, stainless steel appliances, custom cherry cabinetry and granite countertops with an under mount sink were installed to improve the modernization.  The 12” by 24” polished tiles with a multi-color mosaic pattern were installed vertically as a backsplash to highlight grout lines and complement the new finishes. 

After remodel

After remodel

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